The quality of our communication reflects upon the standard of our work.
However good our work, a client or a prospective client’s perception
will be influenced by the quality of the language used to present ourselves,
or in any ongoing communication with that client.

In a language which is not our native tongue, it is not always possible
to ensure that our message or intention will be interpreted as we wish.

Our services ensure that these aims are achieved effectively,
precisely and within a very short time frame.

Linguistic Services

Quick Response

ensures a response to your needs within one to four hours,
depending on the length and urgency of the matter at hand.

Typically, this will address correspondence: letters,
e-mails as well as short urgent documents.

includes telephone communication to ensure that the end product
meets the communication needs of the sender.

Proof reading

Proof reading of a text will tackle grammatical and syntax correction, of course, but also style, register and tone, ensuring that the text not only conveys the information, but also addresses the issue in the manner required for each circumstance.


When you are clear about the ideas you wish to convey, but do not have the time to think about the drafting in depth, a basic text can be redrafted and enriched according to the intention behind it, in the adequate style and register.


Short translation

In such cases where the author of the text is not proficient in the target language, a short text can be translated in a very short time frame.


Long Haul

addresses longer documents and can include proof reading or translation.

This service also includes a partnership service we call
where support is given during the drafting of a document going from
specific queries to redrafting of entire passages.

Proof reading

As with the  Proof reading, this service tackles grammatical and syntactical correction, as well as style, register and tone, ensuring that the information is conveyed in the manner required for each circumstance. Furthermore, telephone or on-line communication is provided, in order to ensure that the final text expresses exactly what was intended.



Traditional translation companies make a translation as is. As with Proof reading, the  service includes on-line or telephone discussion of any points which might need extra clarification, ensuring that the end product does indeed convey exactly what was intended in the original text.

This service also covers translation of Web site content, where it is so important to convey the spirit behind a company.


Drafting a document is a flowing process; discussing the text while drafting allows the writer to achieve a document of great quality and precision. This is a partnership service which will lend an extra level of quality to any document received by a professional’s client.


Representation Services

Many small or medium sized companies are not able to have a PR department and the support staff may not have
the capacities and skills necessary to host an international event or presentation which the company may wish to hold.
In cases such as these,  can provide a service covering the representational needs of the company,
from hosting at a specific event to organising an entire event in partnership with a reputed event organiser.
Furthermore, we can provide bespoke services, acting as mouthpiece for our clients
where language and differing cultures might constitute a barrier
with the administration or with a client.


If you want information or have any questions,
we will be happy to assist you.





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